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Reflexology About

60-Minute Reflexology Session £45 | 30-Minute Power Reflexology Session £25 

Reflexology is a complementary therapy where the therapist uses their hands to help rebalance the equilibrium of the body, encouraging and promoting healing as well as offering deep relaxation. It works on the concept that areas of the human body are reflected in the feet (and hands) and by using different massage techniques the therapist can stimulate the nerve endings that run throughout the body, with the aim of promoting self-healing.


The benefits of bringing balance back to the different systems of the body (homeostasis) through reflexology can include:

Improved blood and lymph circulation  | Assisted removal of bodily toxins and impurities | Strengthened immune system 

Restoration of balance back to physical and emotional aspects of the body |Pain reduction

Reduced stress and its associated symptoms | Improved stability of disorders of the digestive system

Revitalised energy and promoting a feeling of wellbeing  | Help with sleep issues

Assisting with balancing hormones

After each session, you will be given aftercare advice to get the best outcome from your treatment.

Specialist Reflexology Treatments

Lending a Helping Hand


Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) is an adapted version of reflexology, specifically designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and adults with high levels of anxiety and stress, learning disabilities, neurological disorders or communication difficulties.

Stones on Foot


Hot Stone Reflexology is a wonderful, relaxing treatment.

Large stones are used to warm and massage the legs and feet whilst smaller stones are used between toes and to stimulate reflex points.

The heat produced by the stones increases the effectiveness of the treatment. A popular treatment in the colder months. Additional £5 fee.

Reflexology Therapy


Aromareflex is a reflexology treatment incorporating the use of Aromatherapy Essential Oils that are blended to suit your individual needs. This addition enhances the benefits of the treatment as these natural pure essential oils will support the body with physical and emotional conditions.

Additional £5 fee.

Foot Massage


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) uses a specific reflex technique focused on stimulating the Lymphatic system to assist in the reduction of fluid build up.  RLD was primarily created to treat secondary lymphedema caused by breast cancer surgery, however it can be beneficial for a range of conditions, such as menopause, arthritis, PMS, migraines and ME.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a complementary therapy that uses massage techniques along the head, face, neck and shoulders to help ease muscular tension and a variety of stress-related conditions.

Indian head massage helps to stimulate blood, lymph and oxygen flow in your upper body, so can be effective in relieving stress, tension, and sinus problems, as well as aiding sleep. Indian Head Massage has also been known to help with eye strain and anxiety, which in turn helps to improve concentration levels.

I always adjust the treatment pressure and movements to suit you, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and positively dreamy.

This relaxing treatment is carried out while you are in a seated position, and you will be fully clothed throughout so it is worthwhile wearing something loose-fitting and comfortable. Please also note that the head massage will include the scalp, so loose hairstyles are preferable.

Indian Head Massage can be incorporated into a 60-minute mixed-modality holistic healing session, or can be offered as a stand alone 30-minute treatment.

30-Minute Session £25

Head Massage
Acupressure Facials
Indian Head Massage About
Head Massage

By stimulating/balancing the acupressure points that run through the head, neck and shoulders, Acupressure Facial Therapy not only helps address localised imbalances such as migraines, sinusitis and TMJ issues but also encourages a positive change throughout the body.  

Massage techniques are incorporated to work the muscular and fascial structures allowing the muscles/fascia to relax thus reducing tightness and tension, increasing circulation and promoting collagen production, which in turn, can lead to rejuvenation of the skin.


Before your treatment, we will discuss any medical and skin issues you may have and then you will be given the opportunity to choose the skin care products that I will use during your treatment.


The treatment starts with relaxing the muscles in your shoulders, neck and head before moving on to cleansing the face with a natural cleanser and warm towels.

A toner is then applied followed by Jojoba oil, which will assist in delivering this amazing facial routine. If required, any excess oil can be removed with toner after the treatment. 


This is a gentle yet effective treatment that can help to deeply relax the central nervous system therefore it can be very supportive for those affected by Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, amongst other chronic conditions.

45-Minute Session £40

Acupressure Facial About
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation about

Meditation and mindfulness has become increasing popular, both within the world of spiritual self-healing, but also within conventional medicine. Of course, this isn’t surprising when the benefits of meditation are known to include: reduced stress and anxiety; improved emotional health and emotional regulation; increased self-awareness; improved attention span and memory; elevated mood and improved sleep; a reduction in pain levels; and a more regulated nervous system, reducing the impact of fight or flight response symptoms, such as hypertension and breathlessness. 


For those who struggle to focus or relax into silent meditation, I offer 1:1 guided meditation sessions. This can be incorporated into a 60-minute mixed-modality holistic healing session, or can be offered as a stand-alone 30-minute session.

Meditation sessions are offered both in-person and online (via video call)


*COMING SOON* Group meditation with sound healing.

 30-Minute Session £25

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