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It’s a common misconception that women bare only feminine energy, and that men must immerse themselves in the masculine. The truth is that all people, no matter their gender, contain both masculine and feminine energy; while most people will present a greater dominance of one energy over another, they are two halves of a greater whole, and a healthy balance of both is needed in order to keep both your physical and energetic bodies in alignment.

The Masculine

Masculine energy is associated with the day, extroversion, an activity and power. Having lots of masculine energy can give you drive and focus, allowing you to work through problems in a logical and methodical way. Masculine energy allows you to move and think fast, have a great sense of adventure and value commitment to your work. When operating in your masculine, you are future orientated, have high expectations in life, and are able to take things at face value.

Imbalances in the Masculine Energy

However, having an imbalance of too much masculine energy can leave you feeling trapped, anxious or bored, just as too little can leave you without drive or passion. Both of these instances can decrease your sense of fulfilment in life, either because of an urge to experience more and find more adventure in your life, or because you feel it is impossible to achieve your goals. Disappointment is a common feeling in those who have too much masculine energy, as life may not seem to live up to your expectations. In these instances, it can be difficult to take a step back and appreciate all that you have, as well as appreciating all of the good qualities within yourself. Too much masculine energy can make you seem intimidating, imposing and can turn your energy confrontational, making it hard to make connections with others, and communicate efficiently.

The Feminine

Feminine energy is associated with the moon and tides, intuition, emotion, creativity, receptivity and the senses. Operating in your feminine allows you to connect with others, being open, authentic and treating people with empathy and compassion. Though this energy is a lot calmer and more reserved than the masculine, the feminine energy is definitely one of communication and genuine connection, helping foster healthy relationships. Feminine energy also holds space for creativity, and the birth of new beginnings and ideas.

Imbalances in the Feminine Energy

Too much feminine energy can cause you to go from empathetic to overloaded empath really quickly. In this hyper-feminine state, you constantly take on the energies from the environment around you, leaving you prone to unpredictable mood swings. This can be really disempowering, and also leave you vulnerable to having your caring nature taken advantage of, or taken for granted. You may also find yourself being deeply affected by the opinions and words of others. On the flip side, too little feminine energy can leave you in a state of apathy, completely cut off from others, and also from yourself, and your own emotions. Just as masculine energy drives activity and movement, the feminine energy thrives from calm and living in the moment, but too much of this can cause you to stand still in life, unable to take action. This will also inhibit your ability to create and think coherently, leaving you without the drive to try new things or engage in any of your usual interests or hobbies.

Balancing Your Energies

There is absolutely nothing wrong with operating more in one energy than the other; in fact, it is completely normal to do so. Just as life is constantly changing, so too are your energies; different energies will serve you more than others at certain times, which is why it is important to be able to tap into both as necessary. However, being too much in your feminine or too much in your masculine all of the time can lead to issues in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which will eventually bleed out into your life on a broader scale. So, if you feel that you are swaying more towards one energy than the other, then it is important to work on bringing your energies back into alignment with one another. For example, by doing activities which promote the qualities of the energy you are feeling a lack of, you will increase the presence of that energy in your body, and therefore decrease which ever energy you are in excess off, bringing about a healthier and more prosperous balance.

Promoting the Masculine

  • Engage in healthy competition: competition is a perfect way to exercise the masculine energy’s need for power, self-appreciation and activity.

  • Do a hands-on activity: logical activities which require hands on construction, accuracy and methodical working (such as building or DIY projects) are great for allowing masculine energy to thrive.

  • Build on your physical strength and do something active: exercising your muscles is a perfect way to activate stamina, speed, resilience and concentration within the self, all of which are masculine qualities.

  • Take time to appreciate your accomplishments: while the feminine energy is receptive to compliments it is also humble, whereas the masculine energy is much more in line with the ego’s need for recognition and self-fulfilment. Make sure to appreciate all of your positive traits and accomplishments, as this will help your masculine energy to thrive.

  • Go out during the day: masculine energy is strongest during the day, so the more time you can spend outside during the day, the more your masculine energy will be boosted.

Promoting the Feminine

  • Take up a creative hobby: whenever you create, you are actively operating in your feminine energy. Try drawing from imagination, painting with expressive colours, singing, dancing and listening to the music just for the fun of it!

  • Actively build connections with others: go out of your way to make friends, listen to people when they would like to express their feelings, and try new hobbies where you can meet new people. All of these things will help you express the feminine energy’s desire to connect and care for others.

  • Keep a journal of your dreams, emotions and creative thoughts: recognising your emotions and creativity is incredibly important for fostering feminine energy. Dreams are the conversion of intuition, instinct, creativity, freedom of thought and emotion, so keeping detailed records of your dreams will help grow this aspect of yourself.

  • Practice building and following your intuition: try to make decisions based on your gut instincts, as this will help you to grow your intuition. There are also a variation of activities you can do to build intuition, such as learning to read cards or learning a form of energetic healing, such as reiki.

  • Allow yourself to feel: try not to overlook or supress your feelings, as this will keep you firmly operating in your masculine. Instead, try to recognise every emotion your feel throughout the day, and make a mental note of it - don’t over analyse your emotions (as, again, this will keep you in your masculine), just acknowledge them, accept them, and then move on.

  • Go out at night: the night sky, the moon and natural sources of water will all foster a positive connection to the feminine energy within you.

Keeping Your Energies in Alignment

Working on keeping your energies as balanced as possible will go a long way to keeping your overall holistic health – mind, body and soul - in alignment. Working on doing activities which promote both the masculine and feminine energies will assist you with this, as will practicing mindfulness. Meditation will allow you to connect with your different energies, as will energetic healing techniques, such as reiki or crystal healing, which will actively align your energetic bodies.

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