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Holistic Therapy Sessions

For new clients, initial healing sessions will start with a detailed consultation, within which we will work together to determine the best combination of holistic treatments and therapies for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We’ll discuss what you want to get from our sessions, as well as which treatments you would most prefer. I will also draw on my intuitive abilities, as well as angelic guidance, to direct the session and tailor it in the most beneficial way for you.

As I work from the perspective of a holistic, person-centred, approach, I prefer not to limit sessions to one specific type of treatment and instead incorporate a combination of healing techniques and therapeutic approaches within each session. However, if you would prefer to have a single, specific therapy, such as reflexology, Indian head massage or acupressure facial, these can also be booked on request.


Please note that I always endeavour to speak to new clients either on the telephone or face to face before any sessions are booked, in order to ensure that I am able to offer the best practice for your needs.


Rates for Holistic healing sessions are £45 per hour and £60 per hour and a half. For the list of therapies which can be incorporated into your bespoke holistic healing session, please see below.

Guided Meditation

Mindfulness practices, calming breath work and guided visualisations are incorporated into these 1:1 Guided meditation senses in order to promote wellness and help to reduce the impact of overstimulated fight or flight response symptoms, such as hypertension and breathlessness. 

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot and Cold Stones

Hot and Cold Stones can be added to reflexology treatments for an additional £5.


Large stones are used to warm or cool, and massage the legs and feet whilst smaller stones are used between toes and to stimulate reflex points.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy essential oils can be used within a reflexology treatment for an additional £5.

The oils are blended to suit your individual needs, enhancing the benefits of the treatment by helping to naturally support the body with any physical and emotional conditions.

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